10 (+1) Tips I picked up at the DFW Rocks Social Media Conference

Here are just some of the awesome tips and tricks I learned at the 2013 DFW Rocks Social Media Conference on June 29th & 30th in Richardson

Topic: Google+

Speakers: A.J. Wood & Lissa Duty 

Tip #1: Only the first 77 characters show in a Google+ search, so make them impactful, not hard sell. Plus only the updates you have marked as “public” will show in search results.

Tip #2: Unlike Facebook you can EDIT your posts later. (Super helpful for those of you who like to do your social media after a few drinkypoos!) Also unlike Facebook, you can format your text (bold, italicize, and strikethrough) with the following:

  • Put astericks on either side of your word(s) to bold the text.
  • Put and underscore on either side of your word(s) to make them italic
  • Put a dash on either side of your word(s) to strike through the text.

Topic: Pinterest for Business

Speaker:  Cynthia Sanchez  

Tip#3: Visit http://about.pinterest.com/goodies/ to put the Pin it button on your browser’s toolbar. Pinterest prefers tall photos up to 1935 px tall. Bigger is better on Pinterest!

Tip#4: Visit http://business.pinterest.com/ to create a business page in Pinterest.

Topic: Facebook

Speaker: Kate Buck Jr.   

Tip#5: Facebook weights (i.e., values) status updates higher than photos, however more people share photos (70%) so viral reach will be higher. Here are several resources to help you get and edit photos:  Photobucket.com (free photos), FotoFlexer.com, PicMonkey.com (editor), Shareasimage.com (Highlight any text to create an image)

Tip #6: Extend your reach by using #hashtags on Facebook! Like in Twitter hashtaged content and be searched and therefore publicly available.

Tip #7: Facebook does not want people to leave there site so if you are posting a blog post from your website don’t use Hootsuite or JetPack’s Publicize plugin to auto post the content. Instead manually use the autopost feature within Facebook. Important: and don’t put he URL in the post (Facebook penalizes you for it!). Instead use an awesome graphic and description in the post and put the URL to your site in the comments. (Yes, I know this is going to increase your workload but it’s good Facebook SEO!)

Topic: Blogging

Speaker: Renee Groskreutz 

Tip#8:  Write key-word rich descriptions for each of your categories. Make sure you have at least five blogs in each category.

Tip#9: Looking for inspiration for your blog title? Study magazine article titles!

Topic: Clicks = Sales: Power Sales Tips for a Social World

Speaker: Debbie Mrazek 

Tip #10: there is a new term in the world of Sales. It’s called: Social Selling which is the process of using social media to prospect, research, engage, collaborate, network, teach and close all with the purpose of attaining quota and increasing revenue.

Tip #11: There are three main reasons to use Social Media for sales: 1) Networking 2) Prospecting and 3) Research; but the real fortune is in the FOLLOW-UP!!