6 Tips for shooting videos using your smartphone

Do you have a smartphone? If so give video blogging a try! The Apple iPhone 6, SamSung Galaxy, and LG G4 all have excellent video recorders built in. Check out these six tips to help you record better videos for your social media and blog posts. 

Vertical_Camera_video_recording-575x1024Tip #1 – hold your smart phone HORIZONTALLY (i.e. sideways) preferably with both hands. This will give your recording a pleasing panoramic view and not the “boxed in” feeling you get from videos shot vertically.

If you plan on sharing your videos to YouTube or Facebook, and I hope you do, you’ll definitely want to record in this wide format.

Tip#2 – be aware of the light. For outdoor shoots: try to keep the sun to YOUR back. If the sun is behind your customer or co-worker they will be in silhouette. For indoor shoots: make sure there is plenty of light – not enough light and your video will look washed out.


Light behind subject

Not enough light

Not enough light

Tip #3 – stand still. No one likes to watch a shaky video. Instead stand in one spot and treat the video like a point-and-shoot camera. Try leaning against a beam or wall to brace your arm or, if you want to be really fancy, mount your smartphone on a tripod or monopod.

Tip #4 – ditch the digital zoom. I’m not a big fan of digital zoom…all it does is blow up the picture, reducing the quality. Instead walk yourself closer to your subject, stop and hold still, then shoot your video.

Tip #5 – keep it short. Don’t just turn on the camera and let it roll. Plan your shot(s) and only record, and share, the action. 

Tip #6 – upgrade your camera with apps.
App #1 – Camera Awesome – Available for both Apple and Android phones. This app, brought to you by the makers of SmugMug who have created an awesome (no pun intended) app that will give you more control over both your photos and your videos. It’s free for the iPhone/iPad and only $2.99 for Android users.

App#2 – FiLMiC Pro ($7.99) – This amazing app lets you adjust exposure and focus before shooting. Plus it let’s you adjust exposure, tint and more AFTER you’ve recorded your video. The features on this app allow you to take professional level videos without having to buy an expensive recorder. 


Camera Awesome App