7 Step Program for eRep Redemption

Research shows 94% of people never look past the front page of Google when searching, and 99% stay on the first two pages of search results! So, if your positive content pushes undesirable results to Google’s third page, chances are 99 out of 100 people will never see it!

By generating a plan to create positive publicity about yourself, your company, or your child, you can organically drive negative content to the less visible pages of Google. Follow these 7 Steps for eRep Redemption:

Step #1 – Research the problem. Take an inventory of all the sites where negative content is showing up.
Step #2 – Take an inventory of the “online assets” you control; your website, your blog, and your profile on social media sites (think Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube).
Step #3 – Write a fresh, positive biography for yourself, or have a professional do it for you, then create three versions of it: small (160 characters max), medium (about one paragraph) and large (one page) for use in any online situation.
Step #4 – Visit each of your current “assets” and post your shiny new bio to each.
Step #5 – Create profiles on any social media sites you are not currently a member and post your bio with photo on them.
Step #6 – Create new online assets including blogs, micro-sites, and sub-domain pages.
Step #7 – Create and submit press releases, white papers, syndicated articles, and videos to high-ranking sites

A word of caution: timing is important.

Strategically time the release of information for the highest impact. It is better to “drip” a consistent stream of content than to flood the web with everything in one day.

This handy flow-chart can help you visualize the process:


Online Reputation Management Flowchart

Do you have a question about eReputation Management? If you need guidance redeeming your virtual virtue please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or give me a call at 817-919-3423.