Bigger Business Blogs are Better Lead Bringers

Fantastic article! I’m so happy HubSopt did the research to prove what we have known all along: blogging about your business generates leads that convert to sales! Read this article then take a few minutes today to write a blog post about your business.

Bigger Business Blogs Better Lead Bringers.

Business blogs begin generating significantly more leads when they have a median of 24 or more articles posted, according to research by internet marketing firm Hubspot. Businesses with blog article numbers above this critical threshold are likely to have enough content to make a significant impact on search engines through additional indexed pages and new keywords with which to associate. In addition, other sites are more likely to link to a blog that offers a steady stream of content. Businesses with blogs of 24-plus articles are more likely to be committed to updating their blog frequently and, thus, are likely to generate more traffic from referring sites.

Not sure what to write about?

How about any advise have you given clients this week (check your sent mail box for inspiration!). Share relevant information about your industry or your company. Your potential clients want to know that you know your stuff! Then don’t forget to push out that post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and most importantly your email marketing distribution list.