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I love email marketing for small business owners and so should you!

Email Marketing offers low start-up and maintenance costs, an incredibly high return on investment (ROI),  super efficiency, is easy to use, conserves time (which always seems to be in short supply) and it gets your marketing messages out there!

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Here are my Top 12 Reasons to love email marketing:

  1. Email is a multi-tasker
    Once sent your messages can be shared, forwarded, answered, printed, or saved.
  2. No middlemen 
    Your message goes directly to your intended recipient. Even busy, powerful people, who won’t ordinarily take or return phone calls will read (or at least scan) email. 
  3. To the point
    Unlike face-to-face or telephone encounters that necessitate time-consuming preliminary “small-talk”, email gets right to the point and encourages brevity.
  4. Clear and precise
    You can clearly convey precise information that often gets butchered in telephone messages, such as numbers/formulas, technical terms, URLs or other links.
  5. Highly targeted
    You can laser-focus on potential customers. Unlike print advertising you can choose who receives your marketing messages.
  6. Ultra cost-effective
    The average cost is only 8 cents per email sent without the expense of printing, postage, and design fees.
  7. ROI
    According to the Direct Mail Association the average ROI is $1 to $46. TV, Radio, Billboards and other forms of traditional marketing can’t even come close to this!
  8. Engagement
    Email’s reply feature encourages recipients to respond with direct questions and comments. While you may not be able to meet with your past, current, and potential clients for coffee each month you can certainly stay in touch via email.
  9. Social Media
    It integrates beautifully with Social Media channels. Most email marketing services automatically link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  10. Follow up
    Email makes it easy to send short, gentle reminders of your upcoming specials and/or events.
  11. Increased traffic
    By linking to content on your website you can drive more traffic to your site.
  12. Photography
    A picture is “worth a 1,000 words” and often evokes an emotional response; with email marketing you can easily add an eye-catching photo to your marketing message.

Email marketing delivers even when unread! Suppose a recipient doesn’t read your lovingly crafted and beautifully designed email. Don’t fret they will still see your email address in the inbox (which hopefully includes your domain name) and read your subject line before hitting the delete button.  At a minimum, email marketing works like a “drip campaign” and keeps you on the recipient’s radar screen, reminding them that you are still in business and available if they need you.

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Email Marketing Support November 5, 2016