Practical Tips To Help You Manage Your Online Reputation

Did you know Facebook and Twitter and other social media site updates are indexed and listed on Google?

It’s true and they are likely to remain there for a LONG time!

You can’t control what others say about you, nor can you control where or when they will talk about you. However, according to Mitch Joel in his book Six Pixels of Separation:

[blockquote align=”center”]Here’s what you can control: You can control whether or not you take part. …. You can control whether you will be present and available when things go wrong. You can control how available you will be to fix whatever people say is broken![/blockquote]

Fortunately, the advent of real-time search enables you to intercept a potentially damaging review or frustrated customer “at the point of experience.” Online Reputation Management (ORM) starts with a good tracking system.

Here are seven elements you should be monitoring:

[list style=”list4″ color=”yellow”]
  • Brand mentions
  • Product names
  • Your domain name(s)
  • Your name and the names of your key personnel
  • Your top competitors and their domain names
  • Important Industry Keywords
  • Your primary suppliers (VERY IMPORTANT!)

Here are two FREE and EASY ways to track the items above:
1) Set-up Google Alerts
2) Set-up Twitter keyword searches in Hootsuite

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