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5 Tips for Scheduling Email Newsletters

5 Tips for Scheduling Email Newsletters

Small business owners often tell me they can’t find the time to send email newsletters. Fortunately creating a schedule is a great way to save time, make sure you don’t miss sales opportunities, and build relationships with your clients and potential clients. Here are 5 tips for scheduling email marketing newsletter: When considering how often to send your newsletters, pick a schedule that is comfortable to you. Consider sending one a month – twice a month max. This will not only help you consistently send email newsletters, but more importantly your customers will begin expecting them from you. Don’t be too aggressive with your schedule. Your clients and potential clients don’t need to hear from you every day. In fact, they may get irritated if you email them too frequently. Create an ANNUAL MARKETING CALENDAR and include other marketing activities that you have going on including speaking events, special offers,

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