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How to Recycle Your Email Newsletter Content

How to Recycle Your Email Newsletter Content

Your monthly email marketing message is filled with interesting insights, articles, and valuable offers for your clients and potential clients and you want to make sure it is read by as many people as possible! Here are three great tips to “recycle” that message: First utilize Social Media sites – The tool I use for email marketing, automatically pushes your content out to Twitter and FaceBook. Plus, LinkedIn can be configured to display your Twitter feed. This way all three of the major social media sites receive your content automatically. Second repurpose our content for the web – Most email newsletters have multiple messages for example an article, an announcement and a discount offer. These can be split into individual posts and added to your website or blog. WordPress blogsites make this very easy. Since the content is already written, re-purposing is as simple as cutting and pasting. Third maximize

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