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6 Tips for using Outbound Links

6 Tips for using Outbound Links

Did you know that linking to other sites affects your search engine ranking? Many different factors go into the search engine algorithms including the outbound links embedded in your site content. However, overuse or misuse of links can be detrimental. Here are several questions to ask yourself when using outbound links. Does the link enhance the reader’s experience? It’s crucial that the link be relevant to the content and its inclusion add value to the reader. Have you included TOO MANY links in your page or post? Overuse can irritate your readers. Also be careful not to dilute the value of you outbound links; fyi, the value of each link is divided by the total number of outbound links. Did you use descriptive keyword anchor text when creating your link? Don’t ever use “click here”….its overused and doesn’t help the spiders index your content. Have you checked out the site

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