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CloudFlare – another reason to love SiteGround

CloudFlare – another reason to love SiteGround

My love affair with SiteGround, my new hosting service, has grown even stronger with the activation of CloudFlare CDN. What is CloudFlare? CloudFlare is a content delivery service that optimizes your content, increases your site load time, and increases security. In a nutshell CloudFlare caches your static content and reroutes it to one of its 23 servers so when your customers’ visit your site the content from the nearest CloudFlare server. This 1) eliminates the need for a complicated caching plugin and 2) increases site load time. The best part is CloudFlare protects your website by analyzing your incoming traffic you bouncing malicious traffic away from your website!!   In my opinion CloudFlare is a true Internet hero because they protect small website owners who can’t afford the types of security protection that large companies enjoy.  Plus they offer this service for FREE! You may think this sounds too good to

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