Tips for Taking GREAT Headshots

Headshot_tipsIf you are a small business owner with an “about” page you probably need a headshot. Here are the few tips I’ve learned over the years that will help you prepare for your photo session. 

1) Clothing – Wear a shirt that is simple and one color. Maybe a color that matches your eyes. Stay away from complicated designs or patterns. Don’t show a lot of skin or cleavage. 

2) Jewelry – keep it classic and stay away from trendy stuff. (Notice how none of the models in this sample are wearing necklaces.) 

3) Makeup – go easy on the eyeliner but do wear mascara. Same with lipstick, wear it, but not your brightest red. 

4) Photographer – Try to find a photographer that knows you and can capture your personality, gets your vibe. If they try to pose your hand on your face, punch them in the throat and run! 

IMPORTANT: before you hire the photographer ask what their policy is for using the photos. Some photographers require you give them attribution and/or put their logo on your headshot photo. Let them know you will want all the photos from the shoot on a cd and in both black/white and color and that you’ll do your own printing.