Video editing tips for a vertical recording


The original video recording was taken on a SmartPhone by this dog’s foster family and submitted to my client, a local dog rescue organization, to help Wilson the Dog find a forever home.

Vertical_Camera_video_recordingThe client asked me to format the video so it would look good on YouTube, Facebook and the client’s WordPress website. 

Unfortunately the person recording the video was holding the camera vertically instead of horizontally causing the video to be tall and skinny instead of the short and wide format preferred by YouTube. To compensate, I imported the video into iMovie and cropped off the top third of the video which was just sky. This helped make the video a bit more compact but it was still too skinny to look great on YouTube.

My next trick was to add intro and exit effects which gave the illusion of widening the recording. While not perfect, the video “feels” a bit more right sized. 

Next I added the titles, sound effects, logo, and closing “glamor shot”. After iMoved finished processing I uploaded and tagged the video in YouTube. The entire project took less than 1/2 an hour and was a blast to make. 

If you have old video that needs jazzing up give iMovie a try – don’t let those videos go to waste! As a marketing tool VIDEO ROCKS and can be repurposed in many ways.