Why redesign your website?

Responsive Website RedesignIf your website is more than five years old you could be missing out on changes in website technology.

You may have pages that are not optimally responding or don’t respond at all. Now is a great time to refresh and modernize with new content, updated content, new photos and videos, boost SEO … breathe new life into your online presence. The results of even small changes can often be significant.

Refreshing your page content gives your site a new, fresh look. Adding engaging text and visuals that apply the latest SEO techniques and fix possible coding snags keep your site optimally recognized by Google and responsive to all devices. Makeovers are important; it’s not just applying lipstick. They are ongoing tasks that help you keep up with digital technology and modern marketing and design.

Your website and blog will sparkle with renewed life. There’s a lot of bang-for-your-buck in website updating, including:

  1. Adding exciting content, photos, videos, and other visual treatments encourage your viewers to come back for more.
  1. Tweaking SEO such as taking advantage of relevant keywords and meta tags are some of the key secrets to getting recognized high on Google’s search engine.
  1. Search-engine optimizing all of your old content ensures you’re getting the maximum amount of mileage out of every blog article and all other pages on your website.
  1. Setting up a blogging schedule keeps your message flowing, on track, and consistent. Time gets away from us. Don’t miss lost opportunities to write, edit and schedule blogs for posting. Your visitors want that from you; they practically expect it of you these days.
  1. Make your website mobile friendly. Here are some amazing statistics to show you why that’s so important: Over one-third of internet usage comes from smartphones and tablets (and it’s growing fast) Cell phone usage is at 91 percent and over half of that usage is smartphones. You want your website to look good, no matter what device your visitors are using. “Responsive design” is the new term used for accommodating mobile users with a web design that converts content and images to best fit your visitor’s device.
  1. Sharing your content to social media properties, e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn, starts the conversation between you and your visitors – and between your visitors and their friends, associates, and networks.
  1. Sending your blog articles, notices, news, and special offers to your email marketing list is yet another channel of engagement beyond your website. Email lists contain your customers and the potential to grow and convert recipients to customers. Isn’t that what your website is all about? Put that email list to work. It’s an opportunity to make use of your successful sales, social media, and networking activities. Having those names is an indication that your potential customers are drawing closer. Give them an easy way to respond back.

Talk about amplifying your message! 

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